1996 Gibson Les Paul Classic Premium Plus Guitar LPCPP
1996 Gibson Les Paul Classic Premium Plus Guitar LPCPP

Price: 1450.0
The item you are bidding on is a 1996 Custom Shop, Limited Production, Les Paul Classic Premium Plus in Translucent Black with the original pink lined Hard Shell Case!!   This guitar was made in the USA, it is 100% original, has a AAA graded book matched flamed maple top and chrome grover tuners.  These guitars were hand built and all have hand rubbed finishes by individual Custom Shop Luthiers!  It weighs 9.2 pounds!  It has custom 57′ classic “Zebra” Alnico pickups with no covers and the pickguard which is clear is included in the case along with the chrome strap pins.  They no longer make this particular model and this is before they started “chambering” there Les Pauls in order to make them lighter.  The appeal to most with this guitar besides how rare it is and the finish is the neck size……it is a super fast trim neck and super easy to play.  I bought this guitar new and it has been an amazing player but money is tight and the time has come for me to unload a few guitars from my collection.
This guitar is in excellent condition overall but has a few minor little nicks and dings scattered about.  I am a collector but I play all my guitars and this particular one is a supreme player……soooo it got around and has a few blemishes to prove it.  There are a couple little dings big enough that made it through the clear coat and into the wood.  I photographed them all so you would know exactly what you are looking at.  They are all on the back around the edge and a little chip on top of the head stock.  The headstock has some minor finish checking but nothing that would show up on film.  One little ding in the neck but it didn’t go past the clear coat.  Other than some light indents on the back from the button on my jeans, this guitar scores an easy 9 on a scale of 10!!!  Please see the pictures and use the zoom feature in order to check out all the details.  I wan’t everyone to know exactly what they are getting before they bid.  Other than that this guitar looks and plays absolutely amazing and its overall condition is excellent!
This guitar is one of the best playing Les Pauls you will ever find.  Why you ask??  I have been a professional musician for over 40 years and the last 28 have been as a guitar instructor in one of the single largest guitar stores in the country.  I began collecting guitars years ago and I play every single one that comes through the shop testing it for tone, sustain, action, weight, intonation, and on and on and … Click for more info
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