2002 Gibson Les Paul R7 Goldtop '57 RI awesome tone!

Info:  Hello, the guitar for sale here is a 2002 Gibson Les Paul R7 Historic Goldtop reissue. I purchased this guitar from Elderly Instruments in June of last year, and it came with a pro refret from their shop. The volume pot for the neck pickup had been changed when I bought it, the pickups are non-original Gibson humbuckers, and I have replaced the tuners (since these photos were taken) with TonePros, which are a great improvement over the stock tuners (I’ll include the originals). I’ve been unable to determine what model the pickups are, but they sound fantastic; I like them better than the ’57 Classic pickups I’ve heard in other guitars. With an old green Tube Screamer and a Fender amp, I’ve gotten some great Billy Gibbons tones from these pickups; played clean, they give a sweet, twangy Dickie Betts tone. The guitar is resonant unplugged (at least two listeners have declared it a “honker”), and the neck is nice and chunky. There are a few tiny, shallow dents in the finish where an errant plastic screwdriver handle dinged the top; I tried to show them in one picture, but they are too minor to photograph well. In general, it’s a great looking, great sounding, great feeling goldtop and definitely the best sounding Les Paul I’ve owned. I am selling it because it gets so little use and my picking time is consumed by Telecasters. The brown Gibson case I received it with is included; all the latches and hinges are in great shape, but a previous owner removed the shroud. The guitar has Schaller strap locks.You can cut and paste this link to see more photos:http://share.shutterfly.com/share/received/welcome.sfly?fid=3e1ead7de37b5b28&sid=8AZNXDFu4atGaVOkay, now that I’ve told you what I KNOW about the guitar, it’s time for speculation. When I received the guitar, it sported a pickguard with a faint image of flames running across the bottom, like the pickguard on the guitar pictured at the link provided below  (NOT THE SAME GUITAR, FOR ILLUSTRATIVE PURPOSES ONLY!):http://www.gbase.com/gear/gibson-historic-div-les-paul-goldtop-r7-lim-2Apparently, according to the listing above, Gibson produced a handful of R7s with this flame graphic on the pickguard, pickup covers, etc. The serial number of the guitar I’m selling is within 15 numbers of the guitar pictured above. My Columbo-like speculation (famous ’70s TV detective for you youngsters) is that the guitar I’m selling was one of these guitars, and the owner didn’t like the flame motif and that’s why the pickups are changed on this guitar. I didn’t care for it either, so I replaced it with a new Gibson Historic pickguard, but the original ‘flame’ pickguard will be included. I’m surmising all this from the pickguard and the closeness of the serial numbers. So it seems possible, but not definite, that the Les Paul I’m selling is one of these ltd. ed. guitars with the pickups and hardware changed.I … Click For More Info

Price:  1305.00

Ends:  2009-10-17T18:00:23.000Z
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