1971 Gibson SG, Vintage Electric Guitar, Original Owner

Info:  I am the original and only owner of this Gibson SG. This is the first “real” guitar I was able to afford. I bought this in Phoenix Arizona in December of 1971 when I was a Clapton wannabe. I have had many guitars since then but this I promised myself I would never sell. Come what may I would always have one decent guitar. Well the time has come. I no longer play and someone out there may appreciate this guitar as much as I did back when.  The guitar is in very good condition. It has minor wear consistent with its age but nothing serious. The frets and neck are in excellent condition. There are no gouges in the fretboard and unnoticeable fret wear. I tried to show this in the photos. The neck has never been broken and there have been no repairs needed or done.I have the original manual in which at the time I wrote down the purchase place and date. As you can see I paid $405 dollars for the guitar in 1971. I did not buy the case at the time and I didn’t pay $19 dollars for it!  I don’t remember when or where I got the case. It was some time shortly after when I was able to save a few bucks. I couldn’t afford even a $19 case at the time I bought the guitar. I was in the Air Force stationed at Luke AFB and making about $150- a month. The case is Gibson as seen in the picture.I tried to show the condition of the back, the back of the neck, the volute, the headstock and tuners, the Gibson branded Bigsby tailpiece, the nut, frets, and fingerboard. The action is as you would expect, low and fast and the neck is very slender.Officianados will recognize that the speed knobs are from a Les Paul (may he rest in peace). I added those because I prefer them over the original black hats. Also I modified the guitar in one other way. The SG volume/tone layout is the volume knobs are the two forward knobs and the tone knobs the rearward mounted ones. I didn’t like that layout so I removed the originals and soldered in the controls so that the top knobs control volume and the  bottom knobs are the tone controls.  The front knobs control the neck pickup and the rearward knobs control the bridge pickup. I also lined the control cavity with copper foil. I was getting carried away with trying to make the guitar silent and the pots were scratchy and I didn’t know about CRC cleaner etc., back whenever I did this. It has been years. The pots with the black hats in the picture will be included and are soldered together in the original configuration.Basic info:Serial No.   617558Serial number is impressed on back of headstockMade in USA stamped on headstock.Electric Solid Body -made at the Kalamazoo or Nashville Plant , … Click For More Info

Price:  911.91

Ends:  2009-08-25T03:40:17.000Z
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